Onlydominican Project Car

Creating a project car has always been something I’ve looked forward to for Onlydominican. It’s a refreshing adventure that breaks away from the usual car feature. The only downside, well it takes time, money and well It’s not like publishing a completed project. We got in touch with Autoclinic and they brought forward the Idea of doing a tandem project with one of their customers vehicles.

Our hope with these series of articles is to share some of the knowledge picked up during the tear down and building process of this car. The evo 5 gracing these articles belongs to a longtime supporter of Onlydominican. He has decided to make the transition of a Stock car with bolt ons to a hardcore Street Strip setup and hopefully the baddest Evo 5 in the country. He has committed himself to building his car the right way and has gone to and from the drawing board until he and Autoclinic were completely satisifed with the vision. It isn’t going to be an easy task, but with the help of Alamo Motorsports, Street Tuned Motorsports, JNZ Tuning and Extreme Turbo Systems the pieces of the puzzle are quickly beginning to fall into place.