For the first Round of the Dublanc hill climb 2K19, the standing record remains untouched. This round saw a few competitors dropping below the Minute mark and others getting very close to it.


DriverCarRun 1Run 2FastestDifference
JoeCU2W Airtrek – 4G6301:06.9200:58.9200:58.9200:00.00
FortySXE10 Altezza – 1JZGTE00:59.8500:59.8500:00.93
DenrickSF5 Forester – EJ2001:04.1001:00.7101:00.7100:01.79
ChadE39 530i – M54B3001:01.2301:01.2300:02.31
ShirlonJZS161 Aristo – 2JZ01:01.2901:01.2900:02.37
ShervonST202 Celica – 3SGE01:07.6001:02.9801:02.9800:04.06
BrentGDB Impreza WRX – EJ2001:02.9801:02.9800:04.06
SeaniSXE10 Altezza – 3SGE01:05.8501:05.8500:06.93
JerndalSG5 Forester XT – EJ2001:06.2301:06.2300:07.31
GoldwinCU2W Airtrek – 4G6301:08.7501:08.7500:09.83
CarlMitsubishi L20001:10.1001:10.1000:11.18
RonnieSXE10 Altezza – 3SGE01:13.2701:13.2700:14.35

Track Record: 00:44.09 Mario.R – Nissan Skyline V35 [2017]