Kiwi Wifi + IMFD on IPHONE

Kiwi Wifi + IMFD on IPHONE

PLX will be shipping a break through product called Kiwi WiFi. Kiwi WiFi is a compact plug and play device for your OBDII port. Kiwi WiFi will send data to your iPHONE/iPOD Touch wirelessly. They have partnered with Palmer Performance, who has developed DashCommand, soon to be available on the Apple app atore. Kiwi Wifi will be shipping this month and priced at $149.99.

The new Kiwi Wifi + iMFD sensor support combines the best of both worlds of plug and play OBDII support and dedicated high performance sensor monitoring. With the Kiwi Wifi + iMFD you’ll be able to monitor, data log and upload and email your data virtually anywhere. You’ll be able to daisy-chain PLX iMFD sensors in any combination to your iPhone or iPod touch. Vital engine parameters such as wideband air/fuel ratio, exhaust gas temperature, boost, and much more are now enabled. If you already have a Kiwi Wifi, your unit is upgradeable to + iMFD at any time.

Rev 2.0 for iPhone/iPod Touch:

Coming soon to the App store is Rev 2.0. This new update will include

  1. PLX iMFD Sensor support (Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio)
  2. Real-time HP and torque
  3. Improved support for fuel efficiency MPG